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    Embracingfranki is Joe Jackson, Gavin Friday, Engelbert Humperdinck, Marianne Faithfull & the virgin Mary united in one singer ! (Radio 1 Belgium)

    Gifted with a unique voice, the Ghent-based popcrooner Embracingfranki has been regularly swooning Belgian audiences since the late 90s. Can you imagine a mix of the cabaret-like pop of Gavin Friday or Marc Almond, the passionate stage presence of Jacques Brel and a flair for tragic torch-songs inherited from Abba-singer Agnetha Fältskog? Getting pretty close! However, EmbracingFranki is also just Franki: a flamboyant and strong personality, with a tinge of camp and a splash of melancholy but always ending on a hopeful note.

    Embracingfranki isn't pushed by a record firm or whatever, but still manages to play for a full house time and again. His concerts from the end of '98, with a full line-up, receive more than positive reactions, such as "Les Suivants de Brel", a double-bill with Mathilde Santing , Lokerse Feesten, Gentse Feesten, Taz and Paulusfeesten in Ostend, Marktrock Leuven...

    In April 2016 Embracingfranki released the EP A Short Album About Love included 3 new songs Remembering, Elaine (libertango) and Losing My Mind.

    The new album was recorded at the Number Nine Studios in Ghent and was produced by Sebastian Omerson.

    A Short Album About Love already breathes the spirit of the ultimate popcrooner!



    Popcrooner Embracingfranki and his two producers Roel De Bruyne & Klaas Tomme have recorded the ‘Sixfold ‘duet ep with a number of top artists from the Belgian music world. Sixfold’ includes six duets with Maarten Devoldere (Warhaus), Lady Linn, Isolde Lasoen , Gregory Frateur (Dez Mona), Leonie Gysel(Arsenal) and Klaas Tomme (Ides Moon).

    Embracingfranki -Sixfold ‘ release October 2018 !.


    Albums & Ep's:
    • Embracingfranki The Album (2009)
    • High Hopes And Heartaches (2014) produced by Reinhard Vanbergen (Das Pop , The Happy)
    • A Short Album About Love (Ep 2016)
    • Sixfold (Ep 2018) produced by Roel De Bruyne & Klaas Tomme

    • Embrace (2000) produced by Armand Bourgoignie (Mad Dog Loose ,Milk The Bishop)
    • For Granted (2012) produced by Rudy Coclet (Arno,) & Franki
    • Devotion (2013) produced by Benjamin Derclaye & Franki
    • Satellite Lover (2014) produced by Reinhard Vanbergen (Das Pop , The Happy)